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"Smarter Aid, not more Aid!"

Cambodia coffee: grounds for optimism?

June 2017 - An update

Three months away from Takhmau and “By Golly” what a lot has gone on.

The “Coffee Culture” is full of beans. I see three more have opened, although “Heart” has suffered cardiac arrest. Its competitor across the road has bounced back, as a  Sports Bar, nice collection of football shirts including Leicester City!

Inspirations, lasting impressions

The humble Salmon - what a remarkable journey it makes with sheer dogged determination to return to where it was hatched, to spawn and die. 
Photographer Mike Smith similarly persisted. It took two years to capture this Northumbrian image at Hexham Bridge.

Very often people ask me “What keeps you going?”  There is no doubt that work in the “Aid and Development” industry is a struggle and frustrating. Just ask Nate!